Learn More about Custom Gunmaking

Glossary of Firearms Terms — An excellent glossary of technical terms is available from the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. at SAAMI.org.

Recommended Reading

  • The Modern Gunsmith by James Howe, an older book that covers most of the basics of building custom guns.
  • Professional Gunsmithing by Walter Howe is another older book with valuable information on tools and fixtures for working on rifles, shotguns and pistols.
  • Stockmaking by Alvin Linden is one of the best books covering stockmaking.
  • Building Your Gunsmithing Library edited by Reid Coffield and Larry Potterfield is an indexed review of gunsmithing books.
  • Professional Stockmaking Through the Eyes of a Stockmaker by David L. Wesbroook is a step-by-step guide with complete photographic support for every detail of woking wood into rifle stocks.
  • The Final Touch:  A Complete Course in Gunstock Checkering by Joel Schafer is a how-to manual that prepares one to master the art/craft of gunstock checkering
  • Custom Rifles in black and white by Steven Dodd Hughes is a compendium of some of the finest custom guns crafted during modern times.
  • Fine Gunmaking:  Double Shotguns by Steven Dodd Hughes gives the reader an understanding of the universal language of gunmaking through the workshop experience of an American Craftsman.