The ACGG is united to preserve and promote the art of fine quality firearms. You’ll find two membership categories:

  • Associate Members – those who appreciate the quality workmanship; have a sincere interest in gunsmithing; make products that are used in gunsmithing; and specialize in a craft utilized by master gunsmiths
  • Professional Members – experienced artisans who are master craftsmen, making guns into fine art!

Associate Membership

As an associate member, you will be part of a unique association that helps ensure that the art of combining wood and metal into collectible and usable firearms continues. We invite anyone who appreciates this work to join as an associate.

Professional Members

Professional members are craftspersons who actively work in the custom gunmaking trade and are willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to associate members eager to learn this unique craft. Members include:

  • Stockmakers
  • Metalsmiths
  • Engravers
  • Checkering specialists
  • Metal Finishing specialists

Application for membership requires examples of work to be submitted for approval.